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Related Experience/Capabilities

SPEQ staff’s power industry experience has allowed our staff to participate in numerous other projects and staffing support opportunities outside of electric power generation. Some of those areas served include:

Energy Delivery

  • Staffing of substation oversite team
  • Staffing of transmission line construction inspection team

Support of Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) projects related to:

  • NCIG guidance for selective inspection and commercial grade dedication
  • Effectiveness of various decontamination techniques
  • Mobile robotics applications
  • Electropolish and Pre-Oxidation of piping system

Staffing of O’Hare Airport gate system technician support

Post-fire recovery support for Waste Isolation Pilot Project for DOE contractor

Support for operations of contaminated metal recover facility

  • Use of industrial computed tomography for component part inspections (w/Boeing)
  • Support for financial team of an architect/engineer
  • Review of decommissioning plan for BWR
  • Review of dry cask storage system design
  • Independent technical review of proposals for major equipment