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SPEQ isn’t satisfied with just reactively responding to client needs. We are constantly evaluating existing and developing technologies from multiple industries to find new uses for them in support of our clients. We welcome the opportunity to tackle first-of-a-kind design, fabrication and testing of new products that can put our clients in front of problem identification, prediction and prevention. This is where we believe that SPEQ can make a significant difference in our clients technical and economic success.

One area where SPEQ envisions significant opportunity for technology application is through innovative use of X-Ray Computed Tomography and other (Non Destructive Examination) techniques.  Past experience in working with the Quad Cities Nuclear Plant and their corporate procurement organization has provided multiple practical demonstrations of the technology.  Recent changes in interfacing technologies now allow for more extensive reverse engineering applications through modeling scans and 3-D printing.

There is much in the work history of our founders and staff that can lead to contemporary applications from past projects, particularly in the areas of CT, electropolishing, specialty tooling development, mobile robotics and in-general, creative solutions to difficult problems.

If a technology development effort requires establishing a cooperative team, SPEQ will lead that effort to accomplish the related common and specific goals.  SPEC Founders have a track record of successfully leading such efforts combining the resources of multiple companies, utilities, equipment manufacturers, agencies (EPRI, NRC, DOE, National Labs) and universities, as necessary.