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SPEQ provides staff augmentation services primarily to the commercial nuclear industry but also serves other highly regulated technical industries such as:

• New Nuclear Generation Development
• Nuclear Decon, Decommissioning & Waste Disposal
• Government Nuclear Organizations
• Energy Delivery
• Non-Nuclear Power
• Transportation Industries (Commercial & Military)
• Medical Devices
• Accounting/Financial

The SPEQ founders and staff experience with the complex, safety conscious and highly regulated work environment of the nuclear power industry has lead to our entry into other similar industries where our previous experiences applies. Our core team is supplemented by additional individuals with direct experience in those non-nuclear power fields.

SPEQ also applies our own technical capabilities and resources to completing defined-scope engineering services, studies, and independent reviews/assessments of work performed by other consultants, equipment suppliers, AEs and NSSS vendors.

In addition, SPEQ applies existing and developing technologies to the needs of our clients.